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Seattle Spelling Bee

After nearly two years of arcane orthographical lore, double entendres, Pokémon trivia, beer consumption, and unabashed geekery, Benjamin Williams and Josh Malamy, organizers and hosts of the Seattle Spelling Bee at Re-bar, are closing up shop. Tonight's the all-time final bout, in which 18 spellers—top placers at each of six preceding semifinal bees—will vie for a pretty lavish prize package of cash and gift certificates, attempting to conquer words like nidifugous, lowestoft, and costumbrista. There'll be audience-participation games, too, between rounds, not to mention the potentially schadenfreuderrific spectacle of this speller either reliving his first-season victory of January 2007 or suffering an ignominious anticlimax. GAVIN BORCHERT $5 Mon., April 7, 8:00pm


Last Seattle Spelling Bee Finals Monday April 7

Season 3 ends tomorrow and it's our last bee ever. All Season 3 champs (October '07 to March '08) are eligible to compete. Come on down for always more neat words, amazing prizes and a good dose of audience participation. We'd love to see you! Keep the dream alive by starting your own bee!

Seattle Spelling Bee
Season 3 Finals
Monday, April 7 at Re-bar
1114 Howell St. (off Boren)
Doors at 7, Bee at 8
21+, $5
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March results + final finals + list of finals spellers

Here are the results from the March bee:

In 3rd place, with 4 words right (+ 2 in the 5-way tiebreaker for 3rd), Sarah M.!
In 2nd place, with 4 words right (+1 in the 6-way tiebreaker for 2nd), Carola!
And in 1st place, with 6 words right, Bill L.!

Here are the words they spelled correctly:

Bill L.: colonel, diaphragm, billionaire, enneasyllabic, chiavetta, lacustrine
Carola: chocolaty, kitsch, iridescent, cyanope (+ polyptoton)
Sarah M.: misogyny, tarmac, pumpernickel, panforte (+ spintherism, reboation)

Here's what happened: There was a 6-way tiebreaker for 2nd among the spellers who got 4 words correct. Carola won it, then we had the tiebreaker for 3rd, and Sarah M. won that. OK, that looks better.

Congratulations to the winners! They are qualified for the Season 3 finals on April 7 to spell for cash and prizes.

Spelling enthusiast Meghan took photos. They are here. Thanks Meghan!

Here's the full list of spellers who have qualified for the finals:

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If your name isn't on this list, you can compete for prizes during our between-round mini-games at the finals. We'll have some great stuff ready to give the winners of the mini-games. Don't forget that we once gave away a Nintendo DS this way!

Hope to see you on April 7 for our final finals! Also, kids' bee on March 30 at Town Hall! We'll be there as spectators.

February results + last preliminary bee before last finals

Here are the results from February's bee:

In 3rd place, with 4 words correct (+ 2 in the tie-breaker to decide 3rd place), Trang T.!
And in a tie for 1st place, with 5 words correct, Randy H. and Richard I.!

Congratulations to the winners. Here are the words they spelled correctly:

Randy H.: guttural, asphodel, facilely, pavonine, capote
Richard I.: presumptuous, chalice, cryptozoa, philogynous, sitzmark
Trang T.: Pharaoh, halcyon, marjoram, monocleid/monocleide (+ Scandihoovian/Scandahoovian, weald)

Randy, Richard, and Trang are qualified for the finals on April 7, where they will compete for cash and prizes and to be crowned Season 3 Champion. There will also be the usual audience participation mini-games at the finals in between rounds, with great prizes of their own to be won. We'll give the full rundown of finals-qualified spellers in an e-mail soon after the March bee.

And now, some sad news: The Seattle Spelling Bee is closing up shop. That means your last chance to qualify for the last season finals is this coming Monday, March 3. We think it's been a good run, with great spellers and some great words, and we're eternally grateful to Re-bar for playing host to our shenanigans since July of 2006. We'd love to see as many of you as possible in March and April, competing or spectating, to give the event a bright send-off. Maybe you will start the new Seattle bee!

See you on March 3!

January results

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In Canada, Re-bar is a food item!

Here are the results from January's bee:

In 2nd place with 4 words correct + 2 more in the five-way tie break for 2nd, Randy H.!
And in a tie for 1st place with 5 words correct each, dark horses Craig M. and Eve S.!

Here are the words spelled correctly by the winners:

Craig M.: liaison, segue, acalculia, agouti/agouty, rouen
Eve S.: daiquiri, hyperkinetic, caduceus, pourboire, celadon
Randy H.: marshmallow, grenadine, debubblizer, diphyodont (2nd place tie-breaker: sonobuoy, passacaglia)

Congratulations to the winners, as well as to our audience mini-game drink tab awardees. Craig, Eve and Randy are now qualified for the April 7 Season 3 finals, where they will compete with other preliminary bee winners from Season 3 for cash and prizes! Audience members will have their chance to win as well during between-round mini-games. Past season finals audience prizes have included a zombie-themed DVD collection, a big honkin' Webster's Third New International Dictionary, and a Nintendo DS.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next preliminary bee on February 4. Only two more chances to qualify for the finals!
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December results

Here are the results from the December bee on Monday:

In a tie for 3rd place with 3 words correct: Danina and Katie!
In 2nd place with 4 words correct: Sarah M.!
And in 1st place with a whopping 7 words correct: Gavin!

Here are the words they spelled correctly:

Gavin: hierarchy, laureate, omniphibious, anfractuous, maestoso, pseudandry, bellarmine
Sarah M.: refrigerator, spelunker, vivarium, atelier
Danina: congratulations, persimmon, solicitude
Katie: aberration, connoisseur, nidifugous

Congrats to the winners. Gavin also won the between-rounds mini-game, so it was pretty much a clean sweep. All finalists are now qualified for the finals in April, where cash and prizes await the grand champions.

Twelve bees in 12 months: it's been a blast. See you next year!
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November results

Here are the results from the November bee:

In 3rd place with 4 words correct, a six-way tie between Sarah M., Andrew H., Randy H., Carol B., Margo P. and Marti!
And in 1st place with 5 words correct, a two-way tie between Richard I. and Collin!

Here are the words the winners spelled:

Richard I.: pistachio, hooligan, Sardoodledom, noctilucence, terdiurnal
Collin: consensus, rendezvous, niveous, forficiform, phonasthenia
Sarah M.: deterrence, juxtaposition, imponderabilia, schnitz/snits/snitz
Andrew H.: commemorate, vertiginate, granivorous, proem
Randy H.: incidentally, cannelloni, periphrasis, obsidional
Carol B.: guttural, schnauzer, abyssal, ratafia
Margo P.: saccharide, allemande, consuetude, squdge
Marti: glitterati, Jovicentric, cryptanalysis, amadelphous

Congratulations to the eight winners, who are now all qualified to spell for cash and prizes in the finals in April.

Speller Aaron L. has brought to our attention a fantastic website called Free Rice. You learn words while somehow providing rice to hungry people. We can't corroborate the rice part but it is a great vocabulary quiz and if it really helps people get access to food then all the better. Some real tough words in there, a few of which have turned up in Seattle Spelling Bee word lists. Thanks Aaron!

October results

Here are the results from October's bee:

In a tie for 2nd place with four words spelled correctly apiece: Gavin B., Joe M. and Meg V.!
And in 1st place with five words spelled correctly: Randy H.!

Here are the words they spelled right:

Randy H.: leisure, Hawaiian, Moarian, paraph, barathrum
Gavin B.: principle, pharmaceuticals, alnico, Apollyon
Joe M.: colonel, smorgasbord, historiette, quillon
Meg V.: unpersuadable, onomatope, telamon, cluse

Congratulations to the winners. They received free drink tickets and are qualified to spell for cash and prizes at the Season 3 finals on April 7th.